Although Commencement marks the end of Lancer Life for the graduates of L.C.C.V.I., it also celebrates the beginning of a new phase in their lives, whether it be university, college, or job-related.  In December, the Commencement Exercises are held in Bradshaw Hall, which is packed with friends and family of the graduating class.  The event celebrates the success of the recent L.C.C.V.I. graduates through the presentation of the Ontario Secondary School Diplomas as well as scholarships and awards.   The evening is truly a celebration as it commemorates the past by honouring the achievements of the graduating class, and also the future, by encouraging the graduates to make the most of a new and exciting era in their lives.  The Music Department's Senior Concert Band and Jazz Attack are the evening's entertainment.  An Address to the Graduating Class is given by a guest speaker while the Valedictory Address is given by a student chosen by his or her peers.

The following is a list of the Scholarships and Awards handed out at Commencement:

Academic Honour Society Awards - To a student in his or her fourth year in secondary school who achieves an average of 80 per cent or better in a minimum of six credits in Grade 11 and Grade 12 courses.

Accounting Proficiency Award - Awarded to students in each of the Accounting programs offered at LCCVI for outstanding achievement in their Accounting program.

Aiming For the Top - In recognition of outstanding academic achievement in the final year of secondary school, the Government of Ontario makes this award to students who plan to continue their studies at an Ontario college or university.  Students who maintain an 80 per cent average at the post-secondary level can receive these scholarships, which are worth up to a maximum of $3500 per year, for up to four years in total.

Bayer Rubber Inc. Higher Education Award - To qualify, students must be an eligible dependent child of Bayer Inc. - Sarnia Site employee or retiree.  Requirements are that the student must obtain a 75% average based on the prerequisites required for the school/course that they will be attending.  The award pays a maximum of $2,000.00 per year for tuition and compulsory fees for a maximum of four years.

Canadian Millennium Scholarship Foundation - Awarded to students with strong academics who have demonstrated leadership and motivation in the community.

Central Enniskillen Women's Institute Award - Awarded to students outstanding in the field of Arts.

Communications Energy and Paperworkers' Union Local 672 Higher Education Award - Awarded to children of Local 672 employees or of retired/deceased employees who are proceeding to higher education

Del and Bob App Memorial Award - Awarded to the student with outstanding achievement in Grade 12 Art.

Distinguished Technological Graduate Awards - These awards are made possible by funds raised by the LCCVI Tech Club in the 1960's.  A distinguished graduate may be recognized in each technology and presented with an inscribed plaque.  The names of the distinguished graduates are inscribed on a larger wall plaque, which remains in the school.  Presented for Communications Electronics, Communications Graphic Design, Building Construction, Manufacturing Machining, Manufacturing Welding, and Transportation.

Don Phillips Poetry Award - This award is presented annually in honour of Don Phillips who was head of the English Department at LCCVI for 10 years and a published poet in his own right.  It is hoped that by offering this award the English Department can continue to recognize Mr. Phillips' achievement by encouraging our students to write poetry.

East Lambton Centennial Scholarship - Awarded to former students of East Lambton Secondary School attending post secondary institutes who have excelled academically, and contributed significantly to their schools and communities.

F.C. McCurdy Award - Awarded in the memory of the late F. Clayton McCurdy, former teacher, Vice-Principal and Principal of Lambton Central C.V.I. to students proceeding to post secondary education.

Family Studies Awards - Presented to students who have achieved high academic standing in Family Studies courses.

Family Studies Five Star Award - Presented to students who have completed at least five course in Family Studies.

Friends of the Environment Award - Presented to a student attending university or college in environmental studies.

French Immersion Studies Certificate - Presented to students who have completed at least ten courses in the French Immersion Program.

French Immersion Studies Certificate (Partial) - Presented to students who have complete at least seven courses in the French Immersion Program.

Imperial Oil Higher Education Award - Awarded to children of Imperial Oil Employees who are proceeding to higher education and whom have at least 7- per cent in courses required for their programme.

Jeane Houghton Memorial Award - This award is made to a student studying music at university.

Jennie Nickels Award for French - Awarded to the student with outstanding achievement in French 4U.

Lambton Central Proficiency Award - An award to the student who stands first in each year.  Decided by a student's best 6 courses in their fourth year.

Lambton Wildlife Environmental Award - To recognize a student proceeding to post-secondary study in environmental care or related field (such as a science program), who has demonstrated in secondary school a clear commitment to a better environment.

Library Award - A monetary award given to L.C.C.V.I. students who are pursuing higher education.

Lieutenant Governor's Community Volunteer Award - Presented to a student who had demonstrated exemplary student involvement in the community.

Mathematics Department Awards - Plaques awarded to the student with the highest standing in each of the Gr. 12 courses in Mathematics.

Medal of the Governor General of Canada - Awarded to the student who achieves the highest academic standing in the graduating class based on the average of all Grade 11 and Grade 12 courses.

Moderns Department Awards - The Moderns department at L.C.C.V.I. is offering an award to the top student in each of the Gr. 12 courses in French and Spanish.

Nova Chemicals Proficiency and Citizenship Award - Presented to a student with a high academic standing in the subjects of science and technology, who demonstrates citizenship attributes both in school and in the community and is entering college or university.

Odyssey of the Mind Excellence Award - In recognition of a student who has displayed outstanding creativity and leadership as a school ambassador.

Olive Logie Memorial Award - This award is made annually by the Sarnia and District Women's Club to a girl from the county attending a post-secondary training institute.

Ontario Scholarship - Awarded to recipients of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma who have achieved an 80 per cent average in six credits of 4U, 4M, or 4C work.  The award is a certificate of recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement from the Minister of Education.

Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program Bursary - Presented to a Co-operative Education student registered in the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program who demonstrates excellence in his/her chosen field.

Principal's Roll of Distinction - Fourth year - To a student in his or her fourth year in secondary school who achieves an average of 90 per cent or better in a minimum of six credits in Grade 11 and 12 courses.

Rae L. L. Jones Shield for Proficiency in English - Awarded in memory of Miss Jones, a former dedicated teacher of English in the Petrolia District High School, to the graduate with the highest standing in English.

R.C.A.F.A. University Scholarship - Awarded by the Royal Canadian Air Force Association Wing 403 to recognize the academic excellence of Lambton County secondary school students who wish to pursue their education at a Canadian college program requiring the OSSD as the entrance requirement.

Reverend Canon George Menzies Memorial Scholarship - Presented by the Petrolia Silver Stick Hockey Association in recognition of the contributions of Reverend Canon George Menzies to the community and minor sports.

Robert C. White Memorial Scholarship - Robert White was a highly respected clerk-treasurer for the Township of Enniskillen for 14 years.  Mr. White passed away suddenly in 1993 and a memorial scholarship was established by friends and colleagues.  The intent is to reward students who have excelled academically, demonstrated a high degree of extra-curricular involvement and who are proceeding in a post-secondary programme in Music, Arts, or Public Administration.

The Ruby Gilroy Award - Presented to a graduate of Brooke-Central School who has above average academic achievements and is active in the school and/or community.

Science Department Awards - Highest Standing in individual courses: Grade 12 University Biology Award, Grade 12 College Chemistry Award, Grade 12 College Physics Award, Grade 12 University Physics Award.

Technology Endorsement Certificate - Presented to students who have completed at least eight courses in technology in the indicated area of specialization: Building Construction, Communications Electronics, Communications Graphics, Manufacturing, Manufacturing/Machining, Technological Studies, and Transportation.

Ted Brohman Scholarship - This award commemorates the unique contributions to secondary education in Central Lambton by E.H. "Ted" Brohman, Principal of this school during a period of significant growth and change.  The award is to a graduate, voted by senior students to have made a major contribution to the school for the benefit of the school community out of a sense of service to others and concern for school and students.

Town & Country Mutual Insurance Company Award - The Town & Country Mutual Insurance Company Award of $500 is available to a graduating student who is pursuing post secondary education and has demonstrated a significant commitment to school and community service.

University of Toronto Book Award - This award is presented by the University to students who excel academically, demonstrate enthusiasm for intellectual exploration and who have a strong involvement in the lives of their schools and communities.

University/College Awards - Students receive monetary awards from their post-secondary institutions.  The criteria used differs between schools.

Wyoming Lions Club Technical Excellence Award - An award of $500.00 to the student with the best overall marks in Technology including Chemistry or Physics who will continue his/her technical education at college or trade school.

The following is a list of the Special Presentations made at Commencement:

Brooke Telecom Scholarship - Presented to students with high academic standing who have actively involved in the school and community.  Parents must be members of the Brooke Telecom Co-operative Ltd.

Carruthers Foundation Award - Presented by the Carruthers Family of Sarnia to encourage the progress of Lambton County students through post-secondary education.

Cecil Hall Memorial Scholarship - Awarded in the memory of the late Cecil Hall, former manager of the Wanstead Co-Op, to a graduate of Lambton Central C.V.I. who proceeds to a post-secondary institution enrolled in course that lead to a degree or diploma in Agricultural Science.

Chemical Institute of Canada R. K. Stratford Prize for Proficiency in Grade 12 - Awarded to the student with the highest score in their first attempt at Grade 12 Chemistry; student is awarded with a cheque and an individual plaque.

Harold Shabsove Award - From funds donated in honour of Dr. Harold Shabsove, in recognition of an outstanding student pursuing a career in Nursing.

Helen Kavanagh Nicol Scholarship Foundation - L.C.C.V.I. is proud to be the recipient of this scholarship trust funded by the estate of the late Mr. Robert Nicol in memory of his sister Helen Kavanagh Nicol.  Both were former students of Petrolia High School.  Recipients of the scholarships are chosen by a selection committee on the basis of criteria which includes: academic excellence (top 10% standing in graduating class) high moral character, completion of five consecutive semesters at L.C.C.V.I., participation in school/community activities and the showing of some need of financial assistance.

IODE Awards

(a) The outstanding student in fundamental art at each year and level.

(b) The outstanding student in history at each year and level.

(c) IODE Children's Literature Award - This IODE Children's Literature Award is presented to the student or students in Fifth English (ENS4G) in recognition of the creative talents shown in the writing and illustration of a child's book that emphasizes our Canadian heritage and culture.

(d) IODE Margaret Stokes Chapter Award - Provided to a student proceeding to post secondary education.

(e) IODE Mathematics Award for Grade 12 - Awarded to the student with the highest standing in each of the Grade 12 University Mathematics courses.

(f) IODE - Municipal Education Awards

(g) IODE Grace Clark Award

(h) IODE Canatara Chapter Award

(i) IODE Hon. Norman Rogers Award

(j) IODE Sarnia Lambton Municipal Scholarship

Lambton Central Petrolia Optimist Award - Presented to a student who exemplifies the Optimist Creed through volunteerism in the community.

L.C.C.V.I. Centennial Scholarship - A successful Centennial reunion of staff and students in 1984 made possible the funding of two Centennial Scholarships of $500 each to be awarded annually at the Commencement Exercises to the graduating young man, and the graduating young woman, who, in the opinion of a selection committee composed of senior teachers at L.C.C.V.I. most completely exemplify the commitment to learning, the service to school, and the service to the community which are the essence of the L.C.C.V.I. philosophy.

Lambton County Historical Society Award - The purpose of this award is to provide assistance in obtaining higher education in a university or Community College to a Lambton county student who is pursing a program in history.

The Lorne and Reta Henderson Scholarship - Open to graduates, resident in the Provincial Riding of Lambton who plan post-secondary education and are given in the name of Lorne and Reta Henderson.  They are to recognize the importance of contributions to the quality of life in the community through participation in the organizations and institutions.

Marshall S. Huzevka Foundation Award - An award of $1000 to a graduate of L.C.C.V.I. who is proceeding to a post-secondary programme in Architecture or a related field.  The award is presented by the Huzevka family in memory of Marshall, who was a student at L.C.C.V.I.

Ontario Power Generation Secondary School Achievement Award - Presented to four students who have demonstrated leadership and academic excellence during their high school years.  Award winners are studying in one of the following areas: Engineering/electronics, Science, Information Technology, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, Physics or Business.

Petrolia Community Theatre Award - Presented to a student who is continuing in post-secondary education in the theatre or the arts.

Petrolia Lions Club Award - Awarded to a student from Lambton County who must have demonstrated a spirit and dedication to school and/or community.

Petrolia Lions Club English Awards - Highest standing in individual courses for the school year: English 4U, English 4C, English Language Studies 4G, and Writers Craft 4U.

Principal's Award for Student Leadership - This award is sponsored by the Ontario Principal's Council in recognition of a male and female student who, through their leadership and example exemplify the spirit of LCCVI.

The Rick Garner Memorial Award - An award of $100.00 to a graduate of L.C.C.V.I., who is proceeding to a post-secondary programme in Art or a related field.  Donna Powers-Garner in memory of Rick who was a local artist presents this award.

The Roy Bass Memorial Award - Presented to a student pursuing further education at College or through an apprenticeship in Agriculture or a related field.

Sandra's Award - In memory of Sandra Annett and her days at LCCVI.

Scottish Rite Club - Presented to students from Lambton County pursuing further education.