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Activities at LCCVI       

Year-Round Contests and Events

Art Club

Arts and Poetry Night

Athletic Association Awards Night
Beyond Ourselves Business contests

Bully Busters

Christmas Assembly

Chess Club

Christmas for Everyone

Debate Club


Drama Club

English Contests

Enrichment Activities

Fashion Show

Environmental Club

International Student Exchange

Knitting Club

Lancer Showcase

Lancer Ledger

Math Contests

Lunch Buddy Club



Music Night


Odyssey of the Mind
Peer Tutors P.A.I.R.S. Leadership Conference

Reach for the Top

Science Contests

Student Council

Special Olympics

Student Outreach to Seniors  Student Art Show

Teens Need Truth


Student Wellness Committee

World Wide Friends

Art Club - The Art Club brings students together that have artistic interests.  As a group they have fun in the arts by decorating the school with murals and festive window painting.  As well, in 2005 they held a stained glass workshop.  The Art Club also paints Lancer's faces for Homecoming.  (Back to Top)

Beyond Ourselves - Beyond Ourselves is a club designated to serve the local community and projects abroad. We have been helping families in need in the local community for the past 7 years, particularly at Christmas time. Last year, we helped two families that had survived a fire and were in need. We also sent a shipment of books to Nigeria where two former L.C.C.V.I. students had visited in the past. In the past year, books were collected for our native twin school and a shoebox campaign was held. We fundraise at L.C.C.V.I. and encourage homeroom participation in our endeavours. Everyone is welcome to participate and help make a difference in our corner of the world. (Back to Top)

Bully Busters - The Bully Busters are a group of dedicated students who make presentations to elementary and secondary school students about the importance of stopping bullying in our schools. Their peer focused, interactive presentations help students to understand their roles and responsibilities for recognizing bullying and intervening in appropriate ways to prevent bullying when they see it occurring.(Back to Top)

Chess Club - The Chess Club is your opportunity to sharpen your tactical skills and fight off the winter blahs. Join us at lunch during the winter months (November through March) to test your skills against other chess players. All chess players are welcome. If you’ve never played before, but would like to learn, we’ll help you get started (Back to Top)

Drama Club - The Drama Club allows students with an interest in the theatre to explore drama activities. The club keeps busy throughout the year with various activities. The Drama Club has created dramatic presentations for various events including the Christmas Assembly and the Remembrance Day Assembly. As well, trips to see various types of productions are organized by the Drama Club. Every other year, the Drama Club takes on the exciting task of organizing and producing the Lancer Showcase. (Back to Top)

Lancer Ledger - The Lancer Ledger is responsible for producing L.C.C.V.I.'s excellent newspaper to help inform the student body of activities, achievements, and events in the school and community, and to give students a chance to write for a newspaper. The club works with the Petrolia Topic to compete in the Toronto Star High School Newspaper Competition.  (Back to Top)

Lunch Buddy Club - The Lunch Buddy club is a great way for students to make friends and earn community service hours at the same time. Once a week students eat lunch with a student from the special needs classes. You can join as an individual and team up with a student at lunch one on one or you can join with a group of your friends and include the special needs student in your group once a week at lunch. See Mrs. Wilkinson in Room 126 or Mr. Gould in Room 128 to sign up. (Back to Top)

Peer Tutors - The Peer Tutor Association plays an extremely important role in the school. The organization allows students to seek help in their studies from student tutors. Peer Tutor support is offered every day during lunch in Resource beginning at 11:00. Students are invited to drop by (no appointment necessary) anytime during the lunch hour. Besides providing students with additional educational assistance in an environment that is tailored to their individual preferences, the association also incites long term student-tutor friendships.  (Back to Top)

Teens Need Truth (T.N.T.) - T.N.T., otherwise known as Teens Need Truth, is a club that is dedicated to learning and growing in the truths of the Bible. The purpose of T.N.T. is to provide students with an opportunity to share their common belief in God with other students. T.N.T. has many local pastors that visit and speak on a weekly basis. The group also organizes many food and movie days as well as student speakers and music days. As an outreach to the school community, T.N.T. has handed out candy canes at Christmas and participated in school activities like the Christmas Assembly. T.N.T. is a great place to have fun and encourage others in their walk with God.  (Back to Top)

Student Wellness Committee - The Student Wellness Committee focuses on healthy living and active lifestyles. Throughout the year, the club promotes awareness and research of A.I.D.S. They have helped the community by holding a canned food drive and have supported other clubs with their activities. Often the club sends members to health and leadership conferences. Through the efforts of many club members, the health and well-being of many Lambton County individuals has been positively affected.  (Back to Top)

World Wide Friends (W.W.F.) - W.W.F., otherwise known as World Wide Friends, encourages the development of friendships between exchange students from different nations and Lancers and promotes multiculturalism. It allows exchange students to get involved in the school and to feel welcome at L.C.C.V.I. Events held in the past include a welcome potluck dinner, exchange student presentations, and a lunch that allowed students to taste foods from different cultures. The International Expo takes place every year and is held in Gym C. The club sets up displays and interactive activities featuring the different countries represented by the exchange students attending L.C.C.V.I. L.C.C.V.I. students as well as local elementary schools are invited to attend and participate in the Expo.  (Back to Top)


Arts and Poetry Night - Arts and Poetry Night is normally run by a senior student as an independent study project. The event features poetry, music, and drama. Art displays by L.C.C.V.I. students are also set up.  (Back to Top)

Business contests - If you are interested in the Accounting contest, see Ms. Dwinnell.  (Back to Top)

Christmas Assembly - The Christmas Assembly and Hockey Game always takes place on the last day of school before the Christmas holidays. For the Christmas Assembly, all clubs are welcome to enter a skit or presentation. Afterwards, the annual student vs. teacher hockey game takes place at Greenwood Arena. To be able to watch the game, students are required to bring in a certain number of items for the Christmas for Everyone campaign.  (Back to Top)

Christmas for Everyone - Every Christmas, Lancers are always very generous in donating canned goods or other needed items to the Christmas for Everyone campaign. Usually each student must bring in a set number of cans or other needed items in order to be able to see the student vs. teacher hockey game. The Student Council is responsible for collecting the canned goods and creating a display in the front foyer until the items are delivered to their destination. 
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Fashion Show - The Fashion Show is put on every year as part of the Fashion Industry class (HNB 401). The class works hard to organize and produce this event in Bradshaw Hall. Normally two presentations are shown; one for the students during school and one for the community during the evening. 
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Homecoming - Homecoming is an exciting day full of school spirit. The Booster Club helps out with Homecoming events including the pep rally to get everybody excited for the football games. After the shortened classes, the Homecoming parade runs down the main street of Petrolia to show Lancer spirit as well as to show off the newly crowned Homecoming King and Queen. Many clubs put together their own float to show their school spirit and support for the L.C.C.V.I. football teams. Afterwards, both the Junior Boys Football Team and the Senior Boys Football Team play their first home game of the season. To cap off the day, a Homecoming dance takes place in Bradshaw Hall.  (Back to Top)

Lancer Showcase - Organized by the Drama Club, the Lancer Showcase is a variety show that showcases L.C.C.V.I.'s talented singers, musicians, dancers, and other performers. Held at the Victoria Playhouse in February, the Lancer Showcase is produced every other year, opposite of the school musical.
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Music Night - Twice a year the Music Department puts on a Music Night featuring L.C.C.V.I.'s curricular and extra-curricular groups. The program normally includes instrumental classes, vocal classes, the Stage Band, both Concert Bands, and Jazz Attack. Held at the Victoria Playhouse, the Winter Music Night is normally held in December while the Spring Music Night takes place in April or May.  
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P.A.I.R.S. Leadership Conference - Partners Active In Resource Sharing aims to develop and maintain a co-operative relationship between business/industry, community agencies and the schools.  (Back to Top)

Terry Fox Run - The Run is a non-competitive event where people get together as individuals, families and groups to raise money in Terry’s name. It is a day of celebrating Terry’s legacy and helping to keep his dream of a cure for cancer alive. There is no entry fee and no prizes are awarded, although a certificate of appreciation is given when participants complete their journey. Run locations are organized in large urban areas attracting thousands of people and in small, rural communities where just about everybody knows each other. School events tend to be incorporated into the daily curriculum.  (Back to Top)